Darvas Box Plotter
Who was Nicolas Darvas ?
Nicolas Darvas was a dancer cum investor who amazed the Wall Street by building a multi-million dollar fortune with very small capital.
During his time off from dancing, he read many books on investing and spent multiple hours analyzing stock market trends.
He finally discovered a technique later called as darvas box technique which made him his fortune. He described this technique in his epic book.
This page is an attempt at implementing his technique.

HOW TO USE THIS TOOL - Red boxes indicate that the stock went down the Darvas box which is a SELL SIGNAL.
- Green boxes indicate that the stock went up the Darvas box which is a BUY SIGNAL.
- Blue boxes indicate that top and bottom are established but so far no breakout i.e. stock is between trading range. This implies you can have a buy order like Darvas used. e.g. buy if > top of blue box.

Chart settings SMA1
Click on darvas box to see it's dimension.
Click anywhere on chart to see that day's data.
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